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Testimonies from our church family

Healing After 30 Years of Back Pain

One Sunday we had church communion. As Pastor Jerry was explaining the body of Christ and how it flows through us now that we are saved, and as I ate the symbol of God's body being broken, I could feel His healing power go through me. Then Pastor Jerry explained how the blood of Christ flowing through us washes away the sin. I could feel that going through me as I received It. The service was over and we left the church like normal. I could feel that there was no pain in my back anymore. It had been there since I was 16 years old. Later, my husband and I went to the grocery store. I got out of the car very slowly, anticipating the pain. There was no pain! I went through the store very quickly in front of my husband, who was pushing the cart which I usually push because it helps me support my back. I didn't need it! Because of God's sacrifice, and giving of Himself in taking on our sin and disease, I am healed. I am free and the devil is under my feet. Thank you God, thank you God, thank you God. I thank God every day for His healing, for His love, and for His grace and mercy. - Theresa 

Healing of Hip Sciatica Pain

For about a year, I experienced right hip pain shooting down my leg every time I drove in my car. I couldn’t drive for more than half an hour without having to get out and walk around. One Sunday morning during the service, the pastor had a word of knowledge. He said that someone at that time was being healed of right hip pain. I claimed that as healing for me. The next day I had a 3-hour drive and felt no pain the entire trip. I was healed! - Terri

Healing of a Heart Blockage

After having a heart attack in May of 2016, I had returned to the ER the following year with chest pain and shortness of breath.  My cardiologist informed me after another trip to the cath lab that I had another blockage, but this one couldn't be repaired with a stent because it was actually in the heart and a stent would eventually collapse.  He referred me to a surgeon that did robotic heart surgery and said "It's not a matter of IF you need the surgery, but WHEN”. I met with my Life Group that evening and they prayed with me and for me. When I left there, I had no doubt in my mind that I was healed...that all would be well. I felt a sense of calm like never before. I went to the surgeon the following month and left with tons of information on the surgery. I explained to the surgeon that I believed I was healed and felt very apprehensive to undergo such surgery. He ordered a Nuclear Stress test and said we "would take it from there".  The test revealed absolutely no sign of ischemia (lack of blood flow) to the heart... therefore no surgery is required!  Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Life Group, and thank you Living Faith! Forever in Gratitude! - Nancy

Healing of Our Son's Nose

Our 2-year old son was playing around and hurt his nose. We took him to urgent care where they took x-rays. The doctor looked at them and determined he had broken and displaced a bone in his nose and would likely need surgery after the swelling had gone down. On Sunday, we went to church and many people agreed with us that he was healed and would not need surgery. The next day, we went to the specialist. He felt his nose (our son didn't wince or anything) and the doctor said, "I don't feel anything wrong". He then pulled up the x-rays and the write-up, looked a little confused, and checked his nose again. He said, "He's fine. He doesn't need surgery or anything." He shook my hand and said "Have a good day!” - Gabe and Abby


Healing of 2-year Wrist Pain

One day I was in church and a friend of mine told me that her 15-year-old daughter has had wrist pain for 2 years. She was a gymnast and had a bad fall, injuring her wrist. She had to wear a wrist splint for 2 years and the pain never went away. I prayed healing and the blood of Jesus over her wrist. She said the pain went away immediately.  The next week at church, she said that she told all her friends in school that she was healed. They asked her why she still wore the splint. It was because of fear that the pain would return. She took it off and never put it on again. She declared she was pain free even a couple of months later! The Lord healed her! - Terri


Healing of an Injured Knee

We had a neighbor, Vicky, who came occasionally to the Life Group gatherings in our home many years ago. One particular evening we were focusing on God's healing promises. She told us that her knee was injured years back during her honeymoon, when it was hit by a shopping cart. We laid hands on her and our son prayed over her knee. It was healed immediately! No pain from then on! To this day when we see her, she says she's had no evidence that the injury ever happened! - Wendy and Eric


Healed of Post-menopausal Bleeding

A while ago during menopause, I started bleeding continually and very heavy for 3 months. My doctor wanted me to get tests done to rule out tumors or other causes. I kept postponing the tests and declared over myself that I was healed by Jesus. I went to a healing service and the pastor gave a message on the woman with the blood, how she pressed in for healing by touching the hem of Jesus’ garment. At the end of the message, the pastor asked everyone with a blood issue to stand up. I stood up and declared in my heart that I was healed like this woman in the Bible. He prayed for everyone and I was healed! I never experienced any abnormal bleeding after that. I give all the praise to God! - Terri


God is My Provider

God blesses me all the time in so many ways. He says He will provide for whatever I need. A few years ago, I was living in an apartment in an old house. There was water leaking through the window and roof. Over time this caused mold in my kitchen. After a couple years of prayer, an apartment opened up in a fairly new building, on the first floor, with lots of big windows looking out to trees and birds.  It was everything I prayed for. Shortly before I moved, the Lord provided me with a new bed and a new couch, just like I asked him!  God is so good I can’t get over it! Last month I kept praying for new shoes. It seems like a small thing, but I’m 89 years old and can’t get out shopping for things I need. A food pantry called me and said they got many new shoes donated. Could I come over and try some on? I found the perfect pair for my aching feet! Whatever you need, just ask God to provide. Nothing is too big or small for him! I thank the Lord every day for all His provisions! - Betty


Praying for Pregnancy

At my church, there was a couple who had been trying to have children for 2 ½ years. They had been to many specialists and were frustrated because nothing helped. It was draining all their savings. At the time, I was very devastated watching my mother succumb to incurable cancer. The Lord told me to pray for this couple to give new life. He brought to mind the scripture in Ecclesiastes that says there is a time for a beginning and an end to everything. I prayed new life in her and 3 weeks later she told me that she was pregnant. She had a healthy full-term baby and 2 more after that without any complications. She praises the Lord for His intervention! - Terri


Healing of Cancer

A couple of months ago, I felt something different in my health.  I went to see the doctor and they said I might have breast cancer.  I needed a mammogram and a biopsy.  While waiting on my test results, I contacted one of my sisters who I hadn’t spoken to for a while. She told me she had brain cancer and that her doctors believed it was spreading.  I decided to pray for her that God would heal her.  Just a week ago we spoke again and she told me that she has NO cancer and she was healed.  I told my sister I had been praying for her and she was so thankful.  I felt so excited to know how God answered my prayers! My own problem caused me to connect with her.  After that, I found out that all of my test results came back negative and I am also free and clear of any breast cancer.  God has blessed me in so many ways and heard my prayers for my sister.  Now she is cancer free and so am I!  God is so good and I give him glory for it! - Irene 

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